ul. Żeromskiego 38, 14-300 Morąg Poland


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A wide range of possibilities

Conveniences of the hotel


Finnish sauna

Our guests may use a Finnish sauna to improve their well-being, health and immune system using dry, hot air.

Hotel guests – Free of charge

Prices for external guests:

  • 2 persons – PLN 40/hour
  • 3 persons – PLN 50/hour
  • 4 persons – PLN 60/hour
  • 5 persons – PLN 70/hour
  • 6 persons – PLN 80/hour
Children-friendly hotel

Attractions for children

To meet the expectations of parents, we provide children with the opportunity to use the playground in the garden and the playroom inside the hotel, equipped with everything that toddlers and pre-schoolers need for carefree play.


Equipment rental

Our offer contains bicycles for adults and children, electric bicycles, four-person go-karts, single go-karts for adults and children and Nordic Walking poles.

  • Bicycle ‒ PLN 10/1h
  • Bicycle ‒ PLN 40/day
  • Electric bicycle ‒ PLN 20/1h
  • Electric bicycle ‒ PLN 60/day
  • Bicycle with safety seat ‒ PLN 15/1h
  • Bicycle with safety seat ‒ PLN 50/day
  • Child bicycle cart ‒ PLN 5/1h
  • Child bicycle cart ‒ PLN 20/day
  • Go-kart ‒ PLN 9/30 minutes
  • Go-kart ‒ PLN 16/1h
  • 4-person go-kart ‒ PLN 15/30minutes
  • 4-person go-kart ‒ PLN 25/1h
  • 4-person electric go-kart ‒ PLN 25/30minutes
  • 4-person electric go-kart ‒ PLN 40/1h
  • Nordic Walking poles ‒ PLN 15/day

Car Rental

Our guests can go on a trip in a comfortable car.

Our offer includes a Volkswagen Beetle and UP!

We offer modern, regularly serviced and air-conditioned cars for traveling around the area.

Volkswagen Beetle

Price ‒ PLN 160/day
Deposit PLN 500

Volkswagen Up!

Price ‒ PLN 120/day
Deposit PLN 500


Grill shed and bonfire area

All guests loving outdoor events may have a nice evening at a bonfire or barbeque under our roofed shed.

It is a great place to organise special events or team-building meetings.

A wide range of possibilities

Nearby attractions

The most interesting sites in Morąg

Monuments of Morąg

The city was founded in 1327 on the Kulm Law. At the beginning of its history, the city belonged to the Teutonic State. In 1410 Władysław Jagiełło recaptured it after the victorious Battle of Grunwald during his march towards Malbork. From 1466 the city remained under the Teutonic Order and then Prussian rule until 1945.

For people cherishing calmness

Nature and Attractions

The richness of Polish nature can delight. Warmia and Mazury is a place full of picturesque landscapes, numerous lakes and diverse fauna and flora. Here are the most beautiful natural attractions.

Sport for everyone

Golf course

Sand Valley is a championship golf course that covers over 80 hectares of picturesque Polish landscape. Ranked by Golf World in the TOP 100 as one of the best golf courses in Europe, it became home to the Lotos Polish Open (Pro Golf Tour) tournament in 2013-2014. Our resort includes a par 72, 18-hole golf course, a par 3, 6-hole academy course, a covered driving range and a large training putting green.

The beauty of Warmia and Mazury

The Ostródzko-Elbląski Canal

The greatest attractions of the Ostródzko-Elbląski Canal are undoubtedly cruises on the grass. Thanks to our offer, you have the opportunity to get to know the extremely interesting water systems of the Elbląg Canal and the Żuławy Loop, including structures of hydrotechnical art, which have been powered by ecological energy – water energy for one hundred and several dozen years.

For sportsmen

Sport attractions

During your holidays or vacation, do you want to lie on a sunbed, or would you prefer sports and exercise? Morąg is a perfect place for this. It encourages active and healthy recreation at every step.

Attractions nearby

Towns nearby

For history enthusiasts, we recommend visiting many unique sites and objects, such as castles, churches, amusement parks, museums and many others.



ul. Żeromskiego 38
14-300 Morąg Poland


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