Sports facility

City stadium

It is situated just by Tailor Hotel Sport & Conference. The sports complex includes a field and athletics running track network. Competitions and football matches with the Kaczkan Huragan Morąg sports club of Morąg are often organised in the stadium.

“Pearl of Morąg” swimming pool

The premises of the swimming pool include: a sport swimming pool, a recreational swimming pool with water attractions (air benches, underwater massage, neck massage, air couches, bottom geyser, water cannon for children), an open swimming pool ‒ a small swimming pool with air couches and sunbathing places, two jacuzzi tubs for 12 and 8 persons, a 53m slide and dry, wet and Turkish saunas. Furthermore, in the area of the Pearl of Morąg there is a gym, solarium and café.

Bicycle trails

The Morąg commune has bicycle routes such as:

Red bicycle trail 37,2 km ​
Morąg – Bogaczewo – Gulbity – Niebrzydowo Wielkie – Naryjski Młyn – Roje – Ponary – Boguchwały – Wilnowo – Lusajny Małe – Kretowiny – Dury – Morąg

Blue bicycle trail 36,5 km 
Morąg – Raj – Lubin – Bożęcin – Ruś – Prośno – Tarda – Bartężek – Słonecznik – Wenecja – Kudypy – Jędrychówko – Morąg

Green bicycle trail 40,3 km
Morąg – Nowy Dwór – Dobrocinek – Rolnowo – Kamionka – Chojnik – Kępa Kalnicka – Kalnik – Złotna – Markowo – Strużyna – Jurki – Morąg

“Dohna Trail” ‒ a bicycle trip
It is worth delving deeper into the history of the family which resided on the land and surroundings of Morąg. Markowo ‒ contains one of the estates belonging to the Dohna family. There is a baroque structure maintained in the Renaissance style built in 1701-1704. One of the attractions is the unique tomb of the Family. It is located near a village on a hill in the forest. It was built in a mysterious style, from unusual architectural elements.



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