1. Terms and conditions define the principles of performance, accountability, and stay in the area of Tailor Hotel and are an integral part of the contract, which is concluded by signing a registration card, as well as by making a reservation, or to pay the fee for the stay in Tailor Hotel . By doing so, the guest confirms that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Terms and conditions apply to all persons staying at Tailor Hotel.
  3. Terms and conditions are available for check up at the reception and in each room.


  1. The room is rented for hotel nights.
  2. Hotel night is from 15:00 until 12:00 the next day.
  3. A request for an extension of the hotel night guest should submit at the front desk as soon as possible, but no later than 10:30. Tailor Hotel may not take into account the wishes to extend your stay, in case of non-availability of rooms, or in case if guests do not comply with the applicable terms and conditions. Free extension of hotel night is possible until 13:00, after this time guest will be charged an additional fee. The fee is subject to individual agreement with the reception.
  4. Tailor Hotel reserves the right to cancel the extension of stay in the absence of full payment for the current stay.
  5. In the case of shortening the stay, the guest must report this fact at the front desk no later than 12:00 on the day, otherwise another hotel night is considered to be started.


  1. The basis for guest check-in is to show photo ID and sign a registration card at the reception desk. Check-in is subject to all guests staying at Tailor Hotel.
  2. Guest’s room may not be transferred to third parties, even if the period has not expired, for which he paid the fare for the stay.
  3. Persons who are not registered can stay in a guest’s room from 7:00 until 22:00. After that reception reserves the right to charge guest’s account the amount of 100 PLN per person.
  4. Tailor Hotel may refuse to accept a guest who during a previous visit violated the rules, in particular through causing damage to property, causing injury of other guests or employees of Tailor Hotel.
  5. During check-in Tailor Hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize a credit card or cash deposit for the amount of the entire stay.
  6. Status of reservation is guaranteed if payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the booking confirmation. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the booking.
  7. In case of hotel night resignation Celestin Residence does not refund a fee for the current hotel night.
  8. The room key is individually assigned card, which incurs the penalty cost of 70 PLN in case of loss or damage.


  1. Tailor Hotel provides services in accordance with its standard.
  2. In the event of objection in regards to the quality of service, the guest is asked to report them immediately to the reception, which will enable employees to improve standard of services.
  3. Tailor Hotel has an obligation to ensure guests:
    – Conditions to full and unfettered leisure;
    – Secure stay, including safety to keep secret the information about the visitor;
    – Professional and polite staff for all services offered at Tailor Hotel;
    – Housekeeping and perform necessary maintenance to equipment in the absence of guests, and at his presence if requested;
    – Replacement of bed linen and towels upon request.
  4. In addition, upon request, Tailor Hotel provides the following free services:
    – Providing information related to the stay and travel;
    – Wake-up service at the appointed time;
    – Luggage storage;
    – Ordering taxi


    1. Children under 16 years of age should stay at Tailor Hotel under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their children.
    2. Guest takes full liability for any damage of the equipment and technical devices in Tailor Hotel, arising from his fault or the fault of persons visiting him. Tailor Hotel reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card for damages after his departure.
    3. In case of violating the regulations Celestin Residence may refuse to provide services to Guest. This Person is obliged to immediately comply with requests of Tailor Hotel, to pay for existing services, to pay for possible damage and to leave the residence.
    4. Each time when guest leaves the room – for reasons of fire safety and electrical overload – he should turn off the TV, turn off the lights, turn off the taps and check that the door is closed.
    5. Because of the fire safety requirements there is strict non-smoking policy at Tailor Hotel. Smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes, making fire in the room or burning room’s equipment is strictly prohibited. By violating the provision on smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes the guest will be charged the penalty in the amount of 800 PLN. In the event of a fire alarm activation as a result of smoking tobacco or similar, the guest will be charged the amount of 2 500 PLN. The fire alarm can also be activated due to too much steam coming out of the bathroom through the open door. We kindly ask you to have the bathroom door closed and the bathroom fan turned on during the bath.
    6. Tailor Hotel has a statutory right to deposit the items brought by a guest to the residence in case of payment delay for the stay or unregulated charges for other services.
    7. The behaviour of guests and their visitors who use the services of Tailor Hotel should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other guests. Tailor Hotel’s employee may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule.
    8. Guest should inform the reception about the damage or defects in the building immediately after its discovery.
    9. In case of establishing dirty linen which is particularly difficult to clean Tailor Hotel may charge guests the following costs:
      – towel – 50 PLN, pillowcase or bed sheet – 80 PLN, duvet cover – 120 PLN, duvet – 250 PLN;

    In the case of damaging bed linen (including towels, pillowcases, bed sheets, underlay beneath the bed sheets, duvet covers) the guest may be charged as follows:
    – towel – 50 PLN, pillowcase or bed sheet – 100 PLN, duvet cover – 270 PLN, duvet – 350 PLN.

    In case of damaging equipment in guest’s room Tailor Hotel may charge guests the following costs:
    – glass – 20 PLN, cup – 40 PLN, water carafe – 50 PLN, glass table – 200 PLN, desk – 700 PLN, window glass – 1000 PLN,

    TV destruction – PLN 2,000, telephone destruction – PLN 100, damage to the safe – PLN 300, refrigerator damage – PLN 250, coffee set – PLN 250.


  1. Personal belongings left in the room by guest will be kept at Tailor Hotel for 3 months. By that time it is possibility for quest to collect his belongings  or organize courier delivery on his own cost.
  2. Food items will be kept for 24 hours only.


  1. You have the right to file complaints if you see an infringement in the quality of services provided.
  2. All complaints should be dealt with the reception.
  3. The complaint should be filed immediately after noticing infringements in the quality of services provided.


  1. The Tailor Hotel is completely restricted for the animals. The exception is the guide dog and/or permission by the receptionist. This permission may be issued upon the cash payment of in the amount of 150 PLN per day for one animal.
  2. If any equipment (solid and moving parts) damage will be made by the guest staying in the room during accommodation period, the charge will be incurred for a sum of money based on the valuation made by the Tailor Hotel staff. In addition, this amount will be increased by two consecutive nights’ accommodation according to the price list valid for the day.
  3. In accordance with the Act of April 8, 2010 with amends regarding the Health Protection Act, is strictly forbidden to use or smoke tobacco inside the facility (§5. Act 5).
  4. It is forbidden to store in the rooms dangerous goods – weapons and ammunition, flammable materials and explosives.
  5. The guest agrees to the storage and processing of personal data in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. of 2002. 101, Pos. 926, with amends) by Tailor Hotel, for the purposes of the guest’s check-in and accommodation in the residence and other services provided by Tailor Hotel. The guests have the right to inspect and correct their personal data.
  6. It is forbidden to behave obscenely inside the Tailor Hotel (causing mischief in public areas). The employee may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule.
  7. It is prohibited to engage acquisition and peddler’s trade at the Tailor Hotel.
  8. It is forbidden to make excessive noise in Tailor Hotel, cause unpleasant smell, or other things that irritate the other guests.
  9. Guests cannot take away food or drinks issued or purchased from Dining Room/Bar into the rooms or other areas of Tailor Hotel.
  10. Guests are not allowed to make any changes in the rooms and their equipment.
  11. Any disputes are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.



Following document regulates the conditions of making, cancelling,
payment and validity of bookings


Booking can be done by:
a) filling and accepting booking form on www.tailorhotel.pl website,
b) transferring booking request in written form, by fax or e-mail,
c) phone
d) personally requesting booking at Tailor Hotel reception,

After making booking, according to one of procedures listed above, Tailor Hotel will send to provided e-mail address or fax number preauthorization form (preliminary booking confirmation) except in case of procedure “d” listed above.

Necessary condition for making Tailor Hotel law binding booking is filling proper form. Booker is obliged to remit amount equal to total cost of reservation.
Special booking and payment conditions may apply to special offers.

Guest making reservation in Tailor Hotel is obliged to confirm in written form, that provided credit/debit card has not been stolen, was used with the permission of the rightful owner and belongs to the person whose data appears on the card. It means that, while making the payment in Tailor Hotel the card was not used by an unauthorized person.

In case of remitting the payment using bank transfer, payment should be done using following Tailor Hotel bank account details:


Nr. Konta  48102035410000520202970911

Reservation will not become guaranteed in case of lack of prepayment or funds on provided credit card. In all remaining and not mentioned above cases, full payment during check in is required.
In order to freely use any additional services offered by Tailor Hotel, not listed in point III of this document (open bar, minibar), preauthorization on credit card or cash deposit equal to possible costs of given services is required.
Cost of all additional services will be based on available at the day of booking price list.


  1. Booking cancellation policy

    1) Standard Offer:
    a) changes or free of cost cancellation are possible till 1 day before arrival, 12:00 local time
    b) in case of no show Tailor Hotel reserves right to not refund prepayment for the first night of every booked room or charge provided credit card for amount equal to the total cost of first night of every booked room

    2) Guaranteed Offer:
    a) changes or free of cost cancellation are not possible
    b) in case of no show Tailor Hotel reserves right to not refund prepayment

    Additional cancellation policy may apply to special offers.

    In order to cancel or change reservation, Guest should contact reception using:


by phone: +48 652 19 00 / +48 538 895 787



in case of correct cancellation according to rules above, prepayment will be refunded immediately the same way prepayment was done.
Fee for cancellation will be deducted from payment according to rules above or from provided credit card. In order to make cancellation valid, written information is required.


  1. Shortening stay

Free of cost of shortening the stay is possible only in case of Standard Offer. In order to shorten the stay free of cost, reception should receive such information before 12:00 local time at they day of requested check out. Request to shorten stay made after 12:00 will not be considered valid. Shortening stay is not possible in case of Guaranteed offer, what means the charge will remain unchanged.

  1. Personal information

    During the process of making reservation, booker agrees to store personal data in Tailor Hotel secured database. Provided data will be used only to complete reservation process and marketing purposed according to rules described in “regulations from 28.09.1997r. about protecting personal data”.

    D. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

    Making reservation means acknowledging Terms & Conditions, while singing registration card during check-in means accepting and abiding rules according to Tailor Hotel Terms & Conditions.


Check in starts at 15:00, check out ends at 12:00.
Prices provided in price list are given in gross value.
Tailor Hotel reserves right to change and use different price list for periods such as holidays, summer or long weekends.

Provided prices include (except certain offers):
– accommodation in comfortable room with all his amenities,
– visitors tax,
– luggage room,
– free of charge wireless Internet connection

Children age 3 years old or less – accommodation with no additional charges.
Children age up to 5 years old – accommodation (in parents room) 50% price.
Children over age 5 years old or more – accommodation (in parents room) 75% price.

Unassisted check in can be done only by at least 18 year old Guests, confirmed with proper identity card.

Payment for accommodation, including extending stay, should be done at the moment of check in. Any other services should be paid before check out.

Any complaints should be addressed to:


biuro@ tailorhotel.pl


  1. The Play Corner is intended for guests of the TAILOR HOTEL.
  2. Toys are intended for children between 0 and 12 years old. Children under 4 years of age can stay in the Play Area only under the care of and in the presence of the Guardian. Children over 4 years of age may stay in the Play Area alone with the consent and responsibility of the Guardian.
  3. The Guardians are responsible for the safety of children in the hotel and the same corner. TAILOR HOTEL is not liable for damages and unfortunate accidents taking place at the Play Corner.
  4. It is forbidden to remove toys from the Play Corner.
  5. The devices located in the Play Corner should be used according to their purpose. The carers are responsible for damages caused by children and they are obliged to repair or buy damaged equipment or toys.
  6. It is forbidden to jump from the slide and move them in the opposite direction to the direction of the exit.
  7. It is forbidden to eat, drink or chew gum while playing – it may result in choking.
  8. For the sake of the health of our youngest guests, it is forbidden to be in the Children’s Play Area or adults who are carriers of infectious diseases, viral and bacterial infections.
  9. The Hotel reserves the right to change the offer of classes and opening hours of the Play Corner.
  10. Monitoring is provided in the hotel to ensure complete safety for children.
  11. Adhere to the comments of hotel and restaurant staff. Any irregularities should be reported to the staff.


  1. SPA is a zone of silence and relaxation.
  2. Children under 12 years of age may stay in the SPA only when accompanied by an adult.
  3. It is forbidden in the SPA to: smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, bring glass containers, chew gum, eat food.
  4. All valuable items can be left in the safe – information at the hotel reception.
  5. The service is not responsible for items left in the SPA.
  6. Take special care in the SPA: do not run, do not jump into the jacuzzi.
  7. We do not use our own MP3 receivers, cameras or mobile phones in the SPA.
  8. The following persons will not be admitted to the SPA
  • whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants,
  • with open wounds and inflammation of the skin,
  • with signs of dangerous diseases,
  • whose behavior is a threat to other SPA guests and employees,
  • whose hygiene condition differs from generally accepted standards.
  1. People who violate public order or SPA regulations will be removed from the facility without reimbursement of admission costs.
  2. There is silence in the SPA. SPA employees have the right to ask people who do not comply with the rules of silence or in any way affect the discomfort of other guests.
  3. Before entering the jacuzzi, wash your entire body thoroughly under showers.
  4. Report to the SPA staff any irregularities, defects etc. affecting the operation of the leisure center.
  5. Spa guests with diseases including: diabetes, heart disease, high or low blood pressure and taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, sedatives or belonging to the group of betablokerów and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the services of the Spa. Tailor Hotel is not responsible for the health effects caused by using the SPA.
  6. For the sake of your own safety and the safety of others, you should follow the above rules.
  7. For the destruction of property, a fine will be imposed depending on the value of the property.
  8. Tailor Hotel is not liable for damages caused as a result of not following the above Regulations.
  9. Tailor Hotel is not liable for damage caused to clothing and footwear caused by using the SPA.
  10. The SPA room is monitored for security purposes, their record is not made public.


  1. Drink plenty of non-carbonated water before, after and between treatments.
  2. Avoid heavy meals an hour before your planned visit to the SPA.
  3. Inform us about any ailments that may affect the proper course of the procedure.
  4. The use of jacuzzi and sauna should take place before cosmetic procedures.


  1. Elderly people, pregnant women, people with heart problems, diabetics, people with hypertension should not use the sauna.
  2. The use of the sauna should not exceed 10 minutes. After using the sauna, take a cool shower and rest. The session can be repeated.
  3. Remove the jewelry before entering the sauna. In the sauna, please sit on a towel.
  4. The use of essential oils and fragrant bouquets in the sauna is prohibited.
  5. Drying of personal items and towels in saunas is prohibited.
  6. While in saunas, always be covered with a towel