Żeromskiego 38, 14-300 Morąg Polska
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Comfortable Economy Rooms

from $49.00 / night

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Fast and economical

Our Services


Conveniently and quickly book a cozy room

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Room cleaning

Qualitatively and quickly make your room clean again

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Room breakfast

Order breakfast in your room. Tasty and healthy

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Spa salon

Beauty and health for anyone. We are waiting for you daily

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Ample guarded parking for all types of cars. Available 24/7

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Booking flights

Order tickets directly from your room. Fast and reliable

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Modern fitness gym

Pool and Fitness Gym Open 24/7

Be always in shape even when you are on a business trip. It features a modern gym with cardiovascular equipment and a swimming pool.

Cozy and affordable

Regular Apartments

Special promotions

Top Offers This Week

Holidays package
  • — Minimum stay 3 nights
  • — Holiday dinner for free
  • — Gifts and surprises for children
  • — Coffee for free
  • — Maid service included
  • — Wi Fi in the room
Family package
  • — Minimum stay 5 nights
  • — Taxi to the hotel for free
  • — Family Two Room
  • — Lunch is free
  • — Satellite TV in the room
  • — Room cleaning for free
Business package
  • — Minimum stay 7 nights
  • — Airport shuttle free
  • — Superior rooms
  • — In-room safe
  • — Breakfast is free
  • — Maid service included
Relax in comfort

Amenities and services

— Bathroom with Jacuzzi
— Armored Safe
— Breakfast is free
— In-room minibar
— Conditioner & humidifier
— Orthopedic bed
— Baby carriage
— Fitted bathroom
The most interesting and useful

Latest News & Events

We welcome you to our hotel! If you have a minute of free time, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our news.  Information about the life of our hotel and staff, about our services, as well as about discounts and special offers.

19 lut Aktualności

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19 lis Aktualności

Szanowni Państwo ! Zapraszamy serdecznie na wspólne świętowanie Nowego Roku 2024 ! To będzie niezapomniana noc! Wstęp : 350 zł za osobę Startujemy o godzinie 20:00…

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ul. Żeromskiego 38
14-300 Morąg Polska


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