Safety rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ladies and gentlemen,
Out of concern for the health and safety of our guests and employees, we have introduced a number of changes in the daily functioning of TAILOR HOTEL SPORT & CONFERENCE

  1. We follow the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health protection (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Ministry of Health)
  2. We have limited the number of guests who can stay in particular places at the same time in the Hotel using a 2-meter distance between.
  3. A maximum of 96 people can stay in the Hotel.

The rules of the sanitary regime in force at the TAILOR HOTEL SPORT & CONFERENCE:

  1. We systematically disinfect washable surfaces in hotel public areas and tactile – handles, light switches, table tops. All rooms in the hotel are regularly aired.
  2. On the premises of Tailor Hotel there are dispensers with liquid for hand disinfection, along with instructions how to use it properly. The dispensers are located:
  • At the Restaurant entrance
  • At the Reception
  • At the Conference Room entrance
  • In public areas
  • In public toilets – these toilets may be used only by Hotel Guests. There are also instructions on: hand washing, hand disinfection, removal and putting on gloves, putting on and taking off a face mask
  1. In public areas it is obligatory to wear masks – this is indicated by the posted signs
  2. In keeping with the principles of the sanitary regime, the hotel guests have at their disposal: sauna, gym and hot tub – available exclusively.
  3. Bicycles for rental are still available. The equipment is disinfected after each Guest.


  • There is a protective glass on the Reception desk
  • Reception staff use masks and protective gloves
  • At the Reception we offer the possibility of purchasing protective masks and disinfection hand gel
  • Only one person may stay at the reception desk. Guests waiting at the Reception desk should keep an appropriate distance – 2 meter
  • We encourage our Guests to make non-cash payments


  • Each room has a hand sanitizer with instructions for proper use
  • Only a person registered at the Hotel may be in the room
  • The rooms are fully disinfected of all equipment and flat surfaces
  • Cleaning the room during the Guest’s stay takes place only at the Guest’s request
  • After the Guest has checked out, the room is thoroughly cleaned


  • Restaurant is open only for Hotel Guests.
  • Restaurant provides gastronomic services such as: room service, take-away meals, meals with delivery
  • For safety reasons there is a limit of people in the Restaurant. The required distance between the tables is maintained
  • Guests entering the Restaurant are required to disinfect their hands and wear protective mask. Guests take off the mask only at the table
  • Only people who are staying in the same room can sit at the same table
  • Orders should be placed at the table
  • Common areas are systematically disinfected
  • Employees who come into contact with food adhere to the principles of: Health and Safety, HACCP, Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practices
  • Restaurant employees use protective masks and gloves