Hotel operating rules during the COVID-19 period

Dear Guests,
In the interests of your safety, we have introduced a number of changes and special operating rules to increase security for guests, employees and suppliers of hotels and restaurants.
Please read our security procedures for the COVID-19 virus.


The hotel has dispensers with liquid hand disinfectants for guests (at the entrances to the premises, in the reception areas, at the entrance to the restaurant and in the toilet area)
Instructions on washing hands, removing and putting on gloves were posted in sanitary and hygienic rooms
The required spatial distance of 2m must be observed
A room is prepared for the possible isolation of a person with suspected illness
Telephone number to the sanitary and epidemiological station in Ostróda 89 646 08 70
Telephone number to medical services 999 and 112
Only 2 guests can be at the reception desk
Where practical and safe, we have modified tasks and processes to increase physical distances between employees, and where possible, we use phones.
We encourage guests to make non-cash payments.
Sauna and gym rooms are excluded from use.
Until the cancellation of the ban resulting from the relevant regulation, it is strictly forbidden for non-accommodated persons to stay in the hotel.
On-going disinfection of general toilets, reception countertops, door handles, handrails, handles, telephones, computer keyboards and other buttons and frequently touched surfaces.
All rooms in the hotel are systematically ventilated.
We disinfect hotel equipment made available to guests (bicycles, Nordic walking poles) after each use.
The reception is open 24 hours a day


Before entering the restaurant, dispensers with disinfectants are located along with instructions on how to properly disinfect your hands.
Cashless form of settlement is preferred.
The restaurant works in a sanitary regime.
Breakfasts are served from 7 to 10 individually
Countertops are disinfected after each guest, we do not organize meals in the form of buffets.
We use hand wiping paper in bathrooms
The distance between table tops (from their edges) is min.2m
We comply with the assumption that no more than 1 person per 4m2 may stay in the room.
Wearing mouth and nose covers and gloves is not required for restaurant guests occupying seating positions and during consumption.
Meals served on site are brought on trays, which we clean and disinfect each time after use.
Meals served take-out are issued without contact, on the counter in disposable gastronomic packaging.
We removed accessories (sugar, spices, cutlery, vases, napkins) from the dining room area.


We have adapted the room equipment and the way of assigning it to applicable regulations, so that the use of prepared spaces allows for an unfettered and satisfying stay.
Restricting direct contact between guests, the rooms will, if possible, be shared in different parts of the hotel.
All surfaces such as countertops, fittings, office, door handles, switches and remote controls are disinfected.
Professional cleaning agents are dosed precisely.
After each guest, in addition to routine cleaning of the room and bathroom, and thorough ventilation of the room, ozonation is performed.
The staff is equipped with personal protective equipment (disposable gloves, hand disinfectants, masks or visors) and adheres to the recommended safety principles.
The use of hotel blow dryers in room bathrooms is prohibited.
After each guest rooms are ventilated and disinfected.
Bedding and towels are washed at 60 degrees with the addition of appropriate detergents.
Room service during the stay is only at the request of the guest.


Before entering the conference room, we prepared a cloth for disinfecting hands.
The conference room and its equipment (tables, chairs, projector remote control, flipchart, etc.) disinfected before each meeting.
We place the chairs with 2-meter spacing.
Due to the restrictions in force, we do not make coffee breaks in the conference room.

If you need more information, please contact the reception desk on 89 652 19 00.